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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I actually do since apparently on my instagram it looks like I’m just cruising around and living a dream life. Well, I pretty much do. The past two and a half years I have had the best day of my life almost every day (note that this also has a lot to do with attitude). I live exactly the life I want to, and so can everyone else!

Me and Jennifer in 2014

I strongly believe in the power of the mind and thoughts and that with a positive attitude you can achieve anything you want. Before I left home I had never even heard of the law of attraction and I used to be quite negative. Just your normal small town girl, worrying about thing that I now realize are so insignificant. Somehow me and my friend Jennifer that I am traveling with came across this new amazing way to look at life and ever since, good things just keeps coming to us. All thanks to a positive way of thinking and the law of attraction.

One of the biggest issues when you are traveling all the time is of course money. But it is never really an issue until you make it one. There have been times when we have almost completely ran out of money but just by staying positive and attract positive events to your life, money (and whatever else you want) will come to you. We have tried this so many times, for example with not paying for accomodation. We have decided, we are going to stay in a really nice place for free and we haven’t booked any other accomodation just because we are 100% sure we don’t have to. We picture who we are going to live with, what it’s going to look like and how amazing it’s going to be. And every single time it works. So I guess when people ask me how I can afford traveling so much and working so little, it has a lot to do with my attitude. I know so many of my friends who has a negative view on money and often complains and goes on about stuff like “I have no money, I can’t afford that, I have to work so hard, I can’t save any money” and so on. And from the way I see it, if you walk around thinking about things like that all the time, of course you will have a problem saving money, you will always be broke at the end of the week. Negative thoughts attract negative happenings. I don’t know anyone that has a really positive attitude towards money who never has any money and all of my friends who look at money in a negative way, they are always running out! Okay, I’m getting a bit carried away writing about this, but I really feel everyone needs to know how important it is to have a positive mindset. There is an absolutely amazing book about this that is called “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes and it is all about the law of attraction and tells you everything you need to know to have a happy, healthy and wealthy life, all by the power of your mind and thoughts.

I almost forgot then what I was actually writing about. But okay, what do I do? And what have I done since I started traveling? Here’s my story.

I came to Australia early November 2014, I was traveling with my best friend Sofie from home and we had really no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. We booked our flights and worked our little asses of for almost six months and saved every penny, because we knew it would all be worth it, this would be the biggest adventure of our lives. I remeber that I thought to myself, I will probably be gone for about six or seven months, wow that’s a long time.. I will definitely be back for swedish summer. What if I don’t make any friends? What if I don’t like it? What if I miss home too much? You know what, everyone has these thoughts, leaving home is a big step, especially when you’re moving to the complete opposite side of the world. But it is okay to have doubts and to be scared, it actually makes the whole thing so much more exciting. Because when you finally get of the airport you will get the best feeling in the world, you did it! You got away from everything that you know so well to experience something new and exciting. And for me, as well as almost everyone I have met during my time traveling, it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Who would have thought that grey morning in November when I was crying outside of my apartment, hugging my two best friends and never wanting to let go, that I would be here, two and a half years later, living in a house in New Zealand with my new best friends that I have all met through traveling, and love every single day, minute, second of my life. I am a completely different person to what I was then. I know my friends here would never in a million years believe that I used to be quiet, negative and shy because today I am the total opposite. And all of that is thanks to traveling and to the people I have met along the way. Meeting new people is definitely the best part of traveling.

I stayed in Australia for two years, I worked for a couple of months, had a couple of months off. Then I worked for a few months, had a few months off, and it has been like that ever since. To me, now, it seems more unreal to have a full time job with only four weeks of holiday a year, than it does to have about six (or even more) months off a year. I didn’t even know a life like this existed before I left Sweden, because ever since we were little we were taught that you go to school, you go to uni, you get a job and then you work until you retire at 65. I never knew anything different, but thank god I do now! Life is not meant for you to live by someone elses rules, remember that. You make your own rules and you are in charge of your own life. Period. That is why I have decided to not waste my life working and doing stuff I don’t want to do. Lots of blabbering in this post but hope some of you found it interesting and that you might consider going on an adventure if your own.

One of the many little families I’ve made along the way of traveling

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