My Story

In November 2014, shortly after finishing college, I decided to fit my whole life in to one tiny suitcase, leave my home country Sweden and take on the world. First stop was Australia where I fell in love (with the country and with travelling) and stayed for two years. I am now living in New Zealand, in my opinion one of the most beautiful countries in the world. What´s next to come is yet to find out, just the way I like it. I never have any idea where I´ll be next year or even next month, which is my favourite part about travelling. All I know is that I´m not going home any time soon.

When I’m not out traveling, I work as a bartender (now in Queenstown, New Zealand) and most of my free time goes to exploring the place I am currently in, hanging out with my friends from all over the world, doing yoga or anything that makes me happy really. I only ever do stuff that makes me happy and brings positive energy to my life.

Follow my blog to take part of my travel hacks, destination guides and hopefully get inspired to go out and see the world yourself. I also write for travel websites and my work has previously been published HERE!

Ellen Skoogs foto.